About [An_D]…

Adaptive  Designers @ London | Spain | Beijing

[An_D] proposes the integration of the field of theoretical research into the daily praxis of Architecture.

[An_D] was born at the Architectural Association of London where Andrea Balducci, Daode Li & Ana Cocho became the first members of the office; researching, new design techniques at theAA Design Research Lab.

Specialised in Parametric design, New Technologies & Adaptive Architecture [An_D] is currently run separately by Ana @[An_D] from London and by Daode@[An_D] from Beijing, who founded [EmDeplo]  and dEEP Architects. Andrea @ [An_D] is currently working with Zaha Hadid Architects.

Interested in developing new paths for designing, embedded in a fusion of new & old thinking, [An_D] is a sample of the current dialectical discussion about the future of architecture.

[An_D] @ Bejing www.deeparchitects.com      @ Spain| London  www.emdeplo.com